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Excited or frustrated!  Determined or confused!  Feeling effective or ineffective!  Join the Club!  You are not alone. Many parents are under-prepared for adolescence even though it is an important time of transition.

Drugs and alcohol are real problems in high schools. However, the problem among many teens is really aimlessness. They are trying to figure out who they are during this transition period. See one page summary on "Dreams not Drugs."

Parent and coaches have an opportunity to build a positive trust relationship with a teen, who is no longer a child, by identifying and supporting their interests and talents. The Next Generation Series has real value for parents and coaches who are committed to a developmental strategy as they prepare for college or the work world.

Jason Wilkie & Bill Wilkie, as well as Sarae & Acey Martin, have been working with teens since the early to mid 1980's.  They have discovered a straight forward solution for parents interested in empowering teens (8th grade to 12th grade). We call it the "Next Generation Series." It presently includes several different publications ranging from a parent tool-kit to a teen workbook.

In spite of all our human efforts we must not forget to, "Let God be as original with your teen as He has been with you." Oswald Chambers

Next Generation Series

This is a 70+ page tool-kit for parents dealing with three major issues in high school:

1. The College Bound Decision process that should start early in the high school years and

2. Aimlessness through identifying a project based on a student's passions and talents.

3. The right to control my life.

This 65+ page workbook is designed for teens in the 8th to 10th grades. It provides guidance for working through an information gathering, planning and decision making process leading to either a career or college. Athletic versions are also available.

According to Dr. Wilkie, "...every student makes a decision about whether to attend college. Some say, yes! Some say, no! But most start the process to late and with inaccurate information."

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